Why should you use a Phone Answering Service for your business?

Owning and running a small business can be very stressful and exhausting. Everyday you face so many different tasks to overcome. From interacting with customers to negotiating with suppliers. Sometimes 24 hours is not enough to get everything in order. What you really want to do is providing your service, or product, to your customers, but then it comes along with many other responsibilities that just get in your way and reduce your productivity.

Well... you don't want that, right?

You know you need to prioritize your tasks. What's more important than actually maintaining the quality of your work? What has the higher priority than providing your main service or product to people who chose you as their "go to"? Yes I'm talking about your customers. What is more vital to your business than your customers?

Customers walk in, call in, order online, text, chat, etc. They need your attention. They need your time. Some of them you need to work with since they need your undivided attention "right away". But many of them just have some short and quick questions.

  • "Are you open now?"

  • "When do you close on Thursday?"

  • "Do you work in the weekend too?"

  • "Where are you located?"

Don't get me wrong; answering those questions is necessary. And you should be able to do it right away, because otherwise, you're going to have unsatisfied customers. And do you know what unsatisfied customers do? They leave! They take their business elsewhere. They leave you a bad review somewhere.

Nobody wants that!

Answering those questions would not take much time, you think, but when it happens 20 or 30 times a day.... then it is a whole different story. You lose precious time for quality work. You lose your much-needed concentration to provide service to your already existing/waiting/paying customers.

That's bad news, and looks like a lose-lose situation!

Small business owners' day is always busy with lots of tasks. Answering phone calls may not be the most important one.

If you own a business that requires customers to make appointments, well, many times customers call in to get one of those! Let's say the call during the working hours, so again, you need to take time out of whatever you're doing in order to get to them. That's a very important call to take, because needless to say, it's a potential business we're talking about.

But let's say: They call after-hours! Yikes!

Research shows that 20 to 30% of calls to small businesses happen after-hours. You may be able to guess why: well, people work through the working hours, and the only time they get some free time to call is when they get home.

And you're not there to take their call! Because, you have a life and family too.

But this is the only time they can call if they need an appointment. Many small businesses could gain around 15-35% more customers (depending on type of business) if they could catch every call the miss during after-hours.

Hear it with a loud echoing sound: 15 to 35% more customers! You would love that, right? That can easily translate to a lot of capital for your business.

What's the solutions here?

Well, first thing that comes to mind: "What if someone could take those calls for me?"

It is possible, but there comes another hassle: employ someone, train them, and pay them the big bucks but is that the most efficient way of going about this issue?

What if there is a better solution?

One thing many business owners consider is using call answering services. They answer your call, engage with your customer, answer their questions, connect them to you if needed, set up appointments for them, record their messages and deliver to you...

Lots of live answering services out there, which usually transfer your customer calls to live human beings (in many cases, those human beings are outside of your country, or even continent). They cost so much, since they have to pay those human-beings to take your calls. This not just a fixed monthly cost for your business, but they sometimes charge clients up to $5 dollars per minute! Boom.

What we are suggesting for you to do, is a hassle-free, automatic, virtual call answering system. We are a small business ourselves, and our product, Chister IVR, is an assistant for you so you can get back to your quality work, without worrying about your calls. Chister is virtual call system with a smooth human-like voice.

Chister IVR can:

  • Pick up your business calls when you can't

  • Engage in a human-like conversation with your customers

  • Give out necessary information like address and working-hours

  • Take their appointment requests and information

  • Record their messages for you, if they want to send a message

On your side of the story, Chister IVR

  • Provides you with a great dashboard to accept/decline appointments

  • Sends follow-up to your customer as soon as you accept/decline their appointment

  • Provides you with a calendar view of your appointments so you can verify your daily schedule at one place

  • Communicates with you via email so you can see a live update of your calls on the go

and many other services.

Visit us at to listen to a demo and sign up for free. This will help your business. As it did for our clients.

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